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Your hosts are proud to share with you this magnificent National Trust and Heritage listed home. Upstairs in the Inn there are four rooms sharing a large bathroom which features a romantic claw bath in the centre of the room. Two extra toilets are also available downstairs for guests to use as well as a lounge room in which to relax.

All of the rooms have been named after the past and present owners of Fitzpatrick's Inn. When you stay with us in one of these rooms, find out more about these people and their contribution to what Fitzpatrick's Inn is today. All rooms have electric blankets, heaters,TVs and tea and coffee making facilities.

Fitzpatrick's Room

Decorated in sky and navy blue, this warm and inviting room features a very comfortable queen size bed and has superb views over the delightful garden.

Bartlett's Room

A charming room with a queen size bed and spacious wardrobes which allows for a relaxing longer stay.

Swain's Room

Featuring twin Queen Ann blackwood beds this room is decorated in soft mauves and is directly opposite the bathroom.


From the warmth of the high timber vanity to the romance of the claw bath,
this large bathroom also has a shower and toilet.
Fitzpatrick's Inn
56 Meander Valley Westbury Tasmania, 7303